Making more than websites...

Let me help you with every stage of your project: Strategy, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance.

The websites I make are clean, responsive, user-friendly and beautiful.



In this stage, I will work with you to understand your audience and the purpose for your website. With research and communication, we will devise a strategic plan to meet your goals and achieve brilliant results


This is the most important part of a website and I am committed to ensure yours stands out and gives the user a lasting impression. I can create a sleek, modern site optimized for desktops, tablets and mobiles alike.


Once you are satisfied with the strategic plan and design proposed, I will build your website from scratch. This is what I do. I have a degree in computer science, and I thrive most while programming and efficiently writing code. I will use and implement the latest technology, ensuring a cutting edge and competitive site.


Websites require attention and work even after being complete and living online. I can use analytic tools to track statistics for your site, as well as periodically perform back-ups, update content, and anything else you need.

My portfolio is growing, as I'm just getting started with my website freelancing business. In my college career in computer science, I'm constantly learning about the latest trends and technology in website design. Being a millennial, I have grown up with the Internet and I understand it in a natural way. That being said, take a look at the websites I have created! Don't be afraid to ask for something you don't see in my portfolio. I am a quick learner and have self-taught a lot of what I master today. Find any websites that you would like to inspire yours, and chances are, I'll be able to make what you are envisioning.

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Sky Egelhoff: Resume

A site to showcase my skills and experience. This online resume utilizes a minimilistic approach and simple accent colors.

Sky Egelhoff: Wedding

My wedding website feautures a single scrollable page with alternating backgrounds, accessible navigation, and a beautiful color scheme.

Sky Egelhoff: Freelance

This is the page you are viewing. I wanted a modern look, minimalistic visuals, and a professional, clean feel.

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